Use the good stuff - mosaic style

I haven’t done any mosaics in a while and got an itch. I’ve had this oval wood piece for years so it all started with that. I played around with some flat-back marbles I had and thought the broken china would be a nice compliment.

I always forget how long it take to grout.

I can’t resist, must pour resin as a finish.

The oval one was made as a gift exchange at the Midwest Meetup!


These are beautiful, the black grout looks so good!!

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These are downright delightful! I love how the black grout makes the pieces really be the stars of the show.

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It’s so beautiful! And huge in person. It’s incredibly impressive.

It’s so pretty. @Edel received in the exchange, but it was too much to carry home, so in the spirit of LC, she then gifted to @GeekyBookworm who hadn’t brought a gift to the exchange as she had been busy with other things.

Talk was done to turn it into a small table, and I speculate that will happen in the future.

@sheepBlue, it was fun to see your process making this.


Very pretty. I bet the seed beads really catch the light and sparkle.

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Very cool! Always wanted to do mosaic, but never tried it. Yours are awesome!

Sooo super cool! I love the broken china in those flowers. I didn’t realize all those tiny seed beads were in there. Wow! And the resin just finishes these off perfectly.

The round one lives with me now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: De and I are figuring out the best location for it!

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Thanks everyone!

@Lynx I also thought it might make a good side table top!

@Abbeeroad The beads partially got lost in the terrain of the oval piece. You can see them more clearly in person.


Oh wow, so pretty! I’ve never done mosaic before. How big is this piece? Y’all are talking about a side table!

Gorgeous! That resin really makes them pop!

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:sunflower: :blue_heart: :sun_with_face: Congratulations! Your beautiful, sparkling, and whimsical little Use the Good Stuff Mosaic is a Featured Project this week! :sun_with_face: :blue_heart: :sunflower:

Very striking! Perfect for a side table.

So pretty! The black grout really does make a lovely contrast!

These are fantastique in every way! Love love love!