Use The Good Stuff

Hey friends, I went ahead and started sign ups already but maybe I should have checked with people about timing for another round of this swap. For me, it’s always a great time to use the good stuff, I figured it would be a fine New Years resolution too. How are you feeling post-holiday, ready or not quite yet?

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I love the idea for this swap but I’ll be signing up for IYP which I expect to take most of my crafty time for the foreseeable future. I am planning to use the good stuff though :slight_smile:


That’s the spirit!


I’ll be doing much the same as Jenn - we are going to pair up for IYP :smile: (I’m planning to start signups by this weekend). But I love the spirit of this swap, I’ll be using the good stuff too!!

And I am keeping my eye on this one, I’ll have to see how things go with sewing machine repairs and timings, as I’d love to do both, as long as I can do justice to all projects/partners.

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