Use Those Fabric Scraps Craftalong --Long Live Scraps!

I love the idea of a scrapalong, and I love to see what you are making with your scraps. I want to play, too!


A scrapalong sounds fun! The ideas in here are inspiring. I’m in.

In the past, I saved selvages, snipped threads, and itty bitties. More recently, I’ve resolved to save only fabric bits that are mug rug sized or larger. This is in an attempt to pare down my stash.


This! I keep most of my fabric scraps this way…except for the huge bag of selvedges (lost cause there) and a bag of ultra crinkley fabric strips that I wanna make into textile bracelets.


I was sorting through my 2019 pics and came across a pic of fabric beads I made for a swap partner.
Now I’m excited to make more fabric beads :blush:


And a scrappy notebook cover I made for the STS swap.
More of these are in the works…because I have too many fabric scraps.

Okay, I’m gonna stop spamming this thread and get back to sorting my pictures :slight_smile:


I LOVE this thread…I NEED this thread!
I have zero scrap organization. Just chuck it in a bin.

I also hoard the thread and super random bits

I’m definitely setting a goal to use these up by making more “new” fabric. Scrappier threadier fabric than these panels I did months ago.

Selvage is one of my top favs…I finally broke down and made a sewing bag with it awhile back. I just like to stare at it

Loving all these ideas and seeing everyone’s organization…taking notes!

***Update: It’s called a Bionic Gear bag ***


oh we must be kindred spirits!

I throw all my scraps in a similar bin and then make myself organize it when it becomes close to full…

The purse is fabulous!!! I love how you have tied all of the pieces together with the black and white binding…is it your own pattern?

I struggle to know what to do with the random pieces I sew together…what do you make with them?


I can’t remember the name of the pattern for the organizer-pouch-thingy off the top of my head! I’ll have to dig deep into my emails tomorrow and update. It really cool with zippered pouched on the inside.
I use to have my scraps organized by color into huge ziplock baggies…but then I got lazy. Also, I just like to let my hands swim all up in that bin sometimes, just for fun. Like a crafty ball pit.
I love your panels! I spy a fabric I have and a few that I will now be hunting for :tada:
I haven’t actually made anything with mine yet, I was just thinking pouches, boxy bags, or maybe midori-style journals.


A few years ago, I neatly organized all of my kimono fabrics and scraps…I hated it!!!

Now, I just make sure the carpet is clean and dump the entire bin on the floor and sit on the floor to pull the ones I want to use…

Sometimes creativity means you have to be in the thick of things…


oh you must spam…I am collecting all of the ideas for my scraps…I need a lot of ideas…ha ha

That is such a great idea…and I love your collection of scraps…everything from novelty prints to geometrics…we are certainly all fabric lovers here, which is why we have so many scraps!!!


@Watsonc7. Happy humming.


The fabric basket is too cute for words!


I also use clear take out boxes like she has to store tiny fabrics by color. I plan to use them to paint with fabric as well. I was surprised to read that she mostly uses glue and the quilts the fabric. It makes it much more manageable than sewing each tiny piece…makes sense!

Not sure if my scrap collection will ever make anything so beautiful, but it is indeed inspiring!

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Yes, I definitely raised my eyebrows on the glue sitch, but she does a whole post on it and it won me over.

She also did one for scissors. And how to handle the teeney tinies. Le sigh. The amount of houses to be burgaled are never ending.


I always love all of these ideas, but for some reason I’m super intimidated by patchwork, even “crazy” patchwork styles, and I don’t know why. You would think that since you’re using scraps anyway that it would be easier to not worry about screwing up…:thinking:


wow I didn’t realize you were ‘allowed’ to use glue in fiber art till now - I even felt kind of guilty gluing fabric to that book cover as it seemed like ‘cheating’ somehow! Having just watched this lady’s video and read her blog, it’s so good to find out that she uses glue, always has, and never cared less what anyone else thought about it LOL - I worry too much :thinking:


I have a similar bag quaggy made me. It holds SO much. I like how you did yours with selvage.

I don’t really have any ideas (I don’t so a ton) other than pouches but I love all your patchwork pieces youve posted.


I bookedmarked this. That piece is fantastic. I can’t even imagine. I’d need a lot more practice to do something like that.


@geekgirl It looks chaotic, but it’s like paper piecing. Once you see how she does it, and what’s behind the curtain, it’s completely achievable.


Mea culpa, mea Maxima culpa.

I throw away selvages. But now I know that you guys love then, I’ll save them and mail them when I get enough.

@Watsonc7 any ideas what that mushroom fabric is in your photo, I love it!

@loves2experiment keep posting your scrappy projects. Inspiration is good


Many years ago, instead of dyeing eggs for Easter, my mom took scraps and made fabric cubes which she stuffed with rice. They were a big hit! They were also good for juggling (not that anyone in my family is skilled at juggling). I still have one hidden away somewhere.