Use Those Fabric Scraps Craftalong --Long Live Scraps!

Many of you sew a project and then are left with the task of what to do with the scraps…

Some of you simply throw them away (HORROR! :wink: )…

But, for the rest of us, what do you do?

Let’s share ideas for scrap storage, scrap projects, scrap exchanges, etc.

How about a monthly project contest as well using a simple pattern and ONLY scraps?

I’ll begin:

Here is my scrap station. I dump all scraps into cotton scraps, whites, and other.

I then sort by strips, selvedges, squares, tiny pieces. There is a method to my madness. I work from top down: the largest scrap I can get to the tiniest.

My box of cut scraps, 5 inches, 3-1/2 inches, and finally, 2 inches. I found these sizes to be most useful because of the math…:grin:

2 inches sorted by color:

Here is one of the projects I use the 2 inch squares in…a simple fabric basket that @MareMare taught me how to make!


You’re so organized!
And I love that little basket from the 2" squares.

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I love your system of organization.

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I would love to play! My fabric scraps are somewhat organized but the containers are getting too full! Since I can’t bear to throw away the pretties, I would love to do something with them.

My one regret from our trip to Asheville last April is that I didn’t have more time to spend with you at your house rummaging your craft rooms. Then again, I would have been tempted to abscond with more than the yarn scraps you so generously donated to my cactus crocheting binge! Not that I don’t have my own stash of scrappy bit. I’ll take some photos of how it’s all organized and a project or two. I have plans for a big project for myself this year. Glad you started this topic! :star_struck:


What a great way to deal with the scraps! I have my fabric sorted by color and keep some scraps mixed in with everything else, but your system would make me actually use the scraps, I think.

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I haven’t even sewed in about two years now and all my scraps are still in boxes from moving. But… I’m moving again in a few months and I think I feel my machine calling me. I would love to unpack the scraps and start using them :+1:t2:

Impressive organization!

Ooooh, I have a couple scrappy projects to share after I send my Little Good Things Swap a little more time has passed.

Ooh, I’m in! I was just staring at my bin of “scraps too small to make doll clothes out of” last night and wondering what to do with them. I may have to start cutting them down into squares!

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I want all the tiny bits that generally go into the trash. Every time someone mentions they sew, I don’t hear what they say for a good 2 minutes as i contemplate the weirdness level of asking about their scraps.




WOW! @JoyfulClover This is exactly WHY I wanted to start this thread…to see what gorgeous things we can all have! That is just a beautiful beautiful piece…all of them are, but the one for you (well deserved, btw!)…wow


Selvages…yes, for each piece of fabric I get, I immediately tear/cut off the selvages…it is a habit of mine from my clothes sewing days because selvages are woven much tighter and should not be used in clothing (although, I have! :slight_smile: )

I throw them into a dollar store basket and periodically, sort them in project bags…sometimes by color, sometimes by theme…

I then sew them together for even more future projects!


I keep larger scraps with the original fabric, but I also have a “small bits” pile, an ancient scrap box with stuff from at least a decade ago, and a box next to the embroidery machine full of bits to pin together for doing embroidered ATCs. Possibly a little more organization would be useful.

What ever works for you is the best…everyone has different ways of working and being creative…my personal mantra is the messier the better…once I get going on a project, my space gets very very messy and then I have to spend time putting everything back! :slight_smile:


@AIMR awww! Well, thank you!

have you checked out spirtcloths website?

here are her free classes:
but here is where she introduces them:

These were my intro to her ideas. I would gradually like to move more towards what I consider to be story cloth, because each of hers seems to have a story to tell. And I won’t lie, some of it definitely is because there are little creatures found everywhere. And I am helpless to resist their draw.

I rarely fangirl, but there are some I turn into Louise with Boys4Now, and Jude Hill is one of them. (also, Lt. Joe Kenda, and Kelly Siegler)


Thank you for the links…I love her attitude and her stuff…I will add her to my monthly contributions to artists who inspire me!

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I want to hug you, because I want everyone to love her.

If she hosted a retreat, I’d pack my dogs up tonight to camp on her lawn.

(Which is probably why it’s a bad idea for her. Also, restraining orders are a thing. ‘Officers, this lady wants all my scraps. And wants me to endlessly talk.’

Next thing you know. Slammertime!)


I may have to adopt this too. :wink: