Use Those Fabric Scraps Craftalong --Long Live Scraps!

I don’t have a fabric stash as such, or anywhere to work, or much in the way of supplies as I’m living in very small, one-room, temp accommodation (student). So all I really have is scraps! If I get the urge to sew something I cut up some clothing from primark’s £1 sale rail (primark being just up the road from me). I am also a shamefully hasty crafter as I have ADHD, am supposed to be studying, leave everything till the last minute, but am sometimes overwhelmed by a fleeting urge to ‘make something’ - my bad LOL

Two things I have managed to cobble together recently though are a brooch, from cut up jeans, some buttons from my BUTTON STASH (well I have my weaknesses - and they are so small!) and some hanging loops or tag ribbons cut from clothing

And I also covered a hardback novel I’m altering for a project with a couple of scraps - just glued them on with a pritt stick it was so quick and easy, but the book feels so nice to hold now I want to cover all my books in fabric this way!


Ooh, I like this idea. My scraps and my stash are…embarrassing. :rofl: But I work in a quilt shop so I’m still buying more fabric


@AIMR aw! I started like 15 of those baskets at my Spring 2018 quilt retreat and got them mostly finished at Fall 2019 retreat. I’ve been slowly finishing them for gifties and what not. One is my profile pic!


I absolutely love that pin…I am going to put that down on my list of what to do with smaller scraps…

I am also a bit compulsive/obsessive…constant list making…I keep this in my box of “tiny bits” (ha)…


See, it’s that second part I have trouble with…


Me, too…I can stay neat only for a bit…I resolve to clean up AFTER every project…I saw that tip last year…I think it will help me destash as well…I sometimes buy stuff because I can’t find it…

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OK…how about a random contest?

For the month of January:

Make an item out of your scraps and post a picture. Tell a little story about how your scraps came to be (from a quilt you made, from the thrift store, etc.). I will put each project (you can do more than one!) into a hat and draw out a name.

The prize will NOT be stuff…ha ha…maybe a food or other consumable gift card! ha ha


[quote=“JoyfulClover, post:12, topic:1271”]
this is my favorite piece. and the only one I have made for me.

This is really cool. So much going on.


girl you are nuts. And I totally see you camping on her lawn. :camping:

This is so cute! and a clever was to use scraps.



I’d set up my own shantytown! And call you to air lift in resources (Indian, and Thai. Maybe Pho. No Chinese) Like that lady in the tree, Luna!


I’m so happy you started this scrapalong @AIMR! I’m loving seeing everyone’s scrappy things! I’ve been playing with my scraps too, but I won’t post a pic until after the Little Good Things Swap things have been received.

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I have not been able to long into the site where it is…I might have to delete it and start again…the weekly check ups look like I am not participating, but I have been crafting for it! I have a few scrappy things as well :wink:


Oh no, @AIMR ! Let us know if you need someone to transfer pictures for you or anything, but so long as you e-mail us when you send it’s not a problem. (we know where to find you! :wink:)

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I’m in! I’m trying to reduce my scraps as much as possible, I don’t keep crumb. I tend to cut the into 2.5" strips because of a quilt I want to make, then I mostly cut strips out of stuff that’s smaller than that.

I’m careful to keep scraps flat and ironed, so they don’t need prepping before using.


I blame @kbrison for keeping every scrap…even threads…

Why? Because here is what I make with even the tiniest pieces…these will become notebook covers…

I also keep strips and sew them together…


@Eddie I love the fabric you chose for the hardback book! I’m excited to see where you go next!



First of all, @AIMR, your scraps organization is astounding. Mine are just stuffed, jammed, and crammed into two giant plastic bags which aren’t going to hold up much longer under the strain. eek.

Secondly, I’m impressed at the things people do with scraps. I knew they had to be good for something and that my hoarding, I mean, saving instincts were not in vain. I don’t think I’ll be able to tackle my scraps stash this year, but I’ll be popping in here to see what kind of cool things people are producing!


I love the idea of a scrapalong, and I love to see what you are making with your scraps. I want to play, too!


A scrapalong sounds fun! The ideas in here are inspiring. I’m in.

In the past, I saved selvages, snipped threads, and itty bitties. More recently, I’ve resolved to save only fabric bits that are mug rug sized or larger. This is in an attempt to pare down my stash.


This! I keep most of my fabric scraps this way…except for the huge bag of selvedges (lost cause there) and a bag of ultra crinkley fabric strips that I wanna make into textile bracelets.


I was sorting through my 2019 pics and came across a pic of fabric beads I made for a swap partner.
Now I’m excited to make more fabric beads :blush: