Vacuum ate the corner off my rug

And about 2 feet of binding. I used clear package tape to create a new corner and covered the tape with adhesive backed felt. The tape gave the felt something to hold on to. I ran another length of tape along the underside of the damaged binding then cut the felt into strips. I pressed half the strip on the carpet side then folded over and pressed it to the rubberized side. I added a few hand stitches just to be certain.


Nice save!
I once hot glued binding onto a fraying rug; it held up for years!

Clever repair folks, unite!



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Nice save and fix!

Oooh, inspiring! I may or may not have a rug that got eaten by a vacuum cleaner years ago that is still frayed… Your repair looks so nice!

Thanks. The rug had been rolled up in the corner and staring at me for months before I thought to try the adhesive back felt.

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And the rug goes on to live another day! Excellent save. If you haven’t already, this would be a nice addition to the Mend & Maintain Along.