Valentine Candy Box Upcycle

This was made for @kittykill for the January Ongoing Wish Swap.

I started with an empty cardboard heart-shaped Valentine candy box. To upgrade the inside, I wrapped some fabric around a batting-lined cardboard heart.

I covered the candy info on the bottom with some appropriate scrapbook paper.

Then for the top, I sewed on a vintage hankie (with batting padding), and crocheted all around. I did not feel bad about destroying the hankie, because it was terribly stained.

I’m happy with how it turned out.


This is loaded with Valentine charm!

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I love this so much! It is all mine! I have it on my mantle right now with my Valentine display. Thank you so much. It is too adorable.

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Positively lovely, the vintage hankie is a great touch.


Oh my goodness, what a perfect upcycle!

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Fantastic! The vintage hankie is the perfect touch! It is 100% @kittykill, too!

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So perfect for her! It’s so pretty.

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