Valentine Cards with Heart Die Cuts

Awhile back I accidentally bought a 50 pack of A2 envelopes thinking I was getting card blanks and envelopes, so I decided to use stash only to make a batch of Valentines to fit inside them. I accidentally started sealing them into their envelopes before photographing, so there are only 14 in the pics. D’oh!




No two are the same, but they’re all made with simple masterboards that I embossed and die cut, with some of the cutouts added back to the front. After that I added another paper behind. Sometimes that paper was folded into a card, sometimes I just used the back for the greeting.

I added some more of the cutouts with the sentiment. The folded cards have a “handmade” stamp on the back, the “postcard” style cards use the stamp on the envelope. Now I just have to wait another couple weeks to send them out!


These are pretty. You put the envelopes to good use.
I always forget to take pictures until the last moment. I am trying to get better, but I always forget.

Thanks! Something about card making when I am going to use them right away… I am likely to forget. Pretty much everything else I remember. :person_shrugging:

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I’m a big fan of the ones in the bottom right. The pink with the mustard yellow is working for me.

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Thanks! I guess the photography is a bit off, that’s a darker metallic gold.

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Could be because I have a mustard yellow chair!


These are lovely!

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I love all the muted pinks! Very fun and pretty.

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