Valentine Shirt

Front View

Back View

This pattern was torture. I spent an entire weekend working on it. This is my second sew of it–not to mention the two mockups I did before I cut into “real” fabric. I still consider the first one only a semi- wearable toile. But THIS! All the fit points are working finally!

Changes made: darts added, forward shoulder, sway back, center back pleat moved to sides, sleeves lengthened, neckline opening redrawn.

Not much of its original self remains.
Well, I did mostly buy it for the sleeves!

Simplicity 9274
Fabric from Cranston Print Works. Probably vintage. It was a gift.


Wonderful! You obviously know how to work magic with apparel patterns.

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Another great make! Perfect timing, too.

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That’s so pretty and flattering on you! You really know how to customize something to make it fit you perfectly. I love the cute hearts!

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No seam matching this time ? :smiley:

I know you were only giving me a playful poke :grin:

Matching…only the normal kind–center front and center back on the same vertical; horizontal pattern is matched/lined up around the body; the sleeves match the body front/back horizontally.

I did have to shift the center vertical of the sleeves because I only had 2 yards to work with. They match each other, but they’re on a different vertical than the front and back are.

So plenty of matching, but it’s not so obvious :blush:.

(Follow the bright blue heart that is in the center of my butt. You can see there’s the same one in the same position on the front and if you look at my right sleeve you can see that the same heart will line up when my arm is at my side. Also look from the elbows to wrists of the sleeve backs and see the matching hearts are there, in the same position on each sleeve. It’s a thing of beauty.)

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I don’t know exactly what you did, even though you wrote it out, but it looks incredible.

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Awesome shirt! I want to sew like you when I grow up.

I am in awe of your pattern adapting. Those sleeves are pretty awesome…glad you were able to make it work for you!