Valentine's Day Cupcakes

After catering desserts for a performing arts gala last weekend, I decided that it wasn’t too late to make Valentine cupcakes! I’m starting a new business and am having a blast playing with cupcakes. :slight_smile:

Side note: the first order of business when I started this biz was making a small lightbox for goodie photos. I LOVE how much better it makes my photos look!

I made three kinds of cupcakes for all the lovers out there.

• chocolate with baked-in chocolate ganache centre, strawberry buttercream, sprinkles and a chocolate covered strawberry

• red velvet with a cinnamon heart-infused chocolate ganache centre, cream cheese frosting, red sugar and Hot Lips candy

• vanilla cupcakes with conversation heart buttercream, sprinkles, and conversation hearts

I had a blast figuring out fun ways to decorate these, and can’t wait to do more for upcoming holidays! I’m already planning my Easter carrot cake cupcakes. :slight_smile:


Good luck with your business! Fancy desserts seem to please a lot of people…our property manager sends us tiny cakes for special occasions made by a small bakery. It is something people remember…and yours are definitely memorable!

The red velvet cupcake is almost too pretty to eat!

I, however, am a vanilla gal…I would pick that one!

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Those all look ah-mazing, but my gosh, that sparkly red sugar is mesmerizing. I’m looking forward to seeing the Easter ones, too!

These look so good!

Oh, yum! I would have such a hard time choosing. I wonder if you make teeny ones so people can have, like four at a time & not have to decide on just one!

Oh man, these look amazing! I love the cupcake pedestals/display!

Those look delish!

Your pictures look very professional, and the cupcakes look delicious! It’s never too late for “I love you” cupcakes!!! :grin:

Thank you all! @Magpie – it’s funny, I made mini cupcakes for the event I catered last weekend, but the oven I’m using is proving to be a learning curve. It’s an industrial convection oven and the fan was so strong it blew the cupcake tops right over. They came out in little pear shapes! So weird. One day I’ll figure it out, because these cupcakes as minis would have been super cute!

@Abbeeroad – thank you! I received a set of the little pedestals as a Christmas gift years ago, and the taller coppery wire thing is an upside-down pencil cup I picked up at a thrift store. :slight_smile: I am having so much fun finding fun items for displays.

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Ohhh I’m literally drooling!! They look amazing! Chocolate with strawberry is always a favorite of mine.

Cupcakes are my absolute weakness, these look fabulous!

They look delicious and now I want to make a light box! Adding that to the list…