Vanilla Pizzelle Cookies

After cleaning out my pantry I found my pizzelle maker. I decided to make a few cookies. Traditional pizzelles have anise in them. YUCK! These are vanilla and they taste like a waffle cone. 2 things I realized: 1-making the perfect cookie will not happen and 2-the batter gives you LOTS of practice!

This is the recipe I used:


those would be great stuffed with cannolli filling!

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My Great Aunt Valentina made the waffle cookies in our Italian family, but she refused to share her recipe, took it to the grave.

I am pro-anise, but yours are probably delicious. When will they invent Smell-O-Vision?


Yum!!! My mom has a pizzelle maker that we used once-upon-a-time… I love them :heart:


I am also pro-anise, but also pro-vanilla, so both sound glorious. (mmm, cookies!!!)

Also my mother makes super fancy decorated cookies, and she keeps telling people that if they were perfect you couldn’t eat them, so imperfect is better.


Wow, they are so pretty!

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Those sound like they would be great to scoop up ice cream with.

Omg I waaant! Looks delicious.

Mmmm… These sound delicious. Please make some more, and I’ll be by for tea time. :wink: