Various small art from Jan and Feb 2024

Ok not a great title but I used all my creativity on the art :rofl:

I haven’t done a photo dump of small art/mixed media lately. Sadly I’ve been too busy to craft as much as normal.

But here are a few pieces

A 4x6 mixed media page to represent Spring
Acrylic paints, stenciling, stamping, collage elements, gel pen, mica ink

A skinny card or index card (3”x5”) to represent Spring

Acrylic paints, stenciling, stamping, collage elements, gel pen

A cat ATC. The cat is stamped and colored with faber-castell polychromos

And ATC that includes something metallic (copper tape from the hardware store), circles, and gems

And ATC that includes a Key

An abstract ATC

An ink box card (3”x3” with rounded corners) with sheet music

And some of my favorite to make - snarky!


I love all the textures you manage to achieve in your work. The snarky ones are my favourite!

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You are super prolific. That last snarky card is my favourite!

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I liked everything. Way to go.
I’ve got a lot of snarkies in a file. Let me know if your life gets dull.

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My alone time is for your safety! Imma use that line FOR SURE!

I’m not usually really big on butterflies but that’s the one I’m gravitating to the most.

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I love your use of color and texture. Well done my friend.

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You’ve done it again! You are really able to get a variety of looks but maintain your distinct style. I love the piece for spring and how the ripped photo supports the snark of the “time alone” ATC.

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Very unique and beautiful!

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The alone time one resonates with me! :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
These are great. I like your sense of space and color thought-out your work.


I really like that cat one! Great mixture of colors and textures on all of them.

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Your backgrounds are always so recognizable. Love them all; the pink one is my favorite.

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