Vault Sweet Vault [punch needle]

Update: The birthday present for my son is finished.

I used both tea and coffee to age the cloth, and glued the bottle caps to the backing.

Vault is good. :wink:

Oof! I really botched it on the last word (all the cats took over all our seats so I finished the last few areas on a very uncomfortable stool, :rofl:).


OK, I have no idea what this references, but I think it turned out SO COOL! You’ve got the knack for punch needle!

That came out lovely!

You totally nailed it! I’m also unfamiliar with the reference but it’s very well done. I love the shading effect!

This is awesome. I can read it just fine. And way to go, giving the cats the good seats! :black_cat:

I had to do some bit of looking it up, too, heh, but it’s a mascot for a company in a game my kids play called Fallout. However, in an ironic twist, I readily understood the references as things like that were on my mind during my teens in the late 80’s early 90’s.

The eldest showed up last night and was thrilled about it, too. Heh. I’ll have to start his around early July, and I’m in between Spawn or Harley Quinn for him.

As for Vault Boy, this one, it’ll go to the youngest on his birthday next month.


Ah-ha! I bet my son would get it if I showed him!

My husband and son both played Fallout, and my husband has quite a few trinkets that feature this dude. They would go nuts over this! When you give it as a gift, throw in a few gold-colored metal bottlecaps. He will love it!

That’s a great vault boy!

Wow! Well done!

:sparkles: :heart_eyes: :scissors: Congratulations! Your awesome Vault Sweet Vault punch needle is a Featured Project this week! :scissors: :heart_eyes: :sparkles:


How fun and what a lovely gift.

This turned out so great!! What a fantastic gift!

I really enjoyed playing Fallout, it’s a super fun game :smile:

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Wow! I’m glad I went back to look at the top post. The original punch needle was great, but the final presentation is truly top notch. I should show my husband the updated post. He’s downstairs playing Fallout.

Did you find the cap designs online? I like that there are so many different flavours.

Yep! Found them on an Etsy shop. They had two variants, one clean and this set that looked rusted. I felt this had the best overall look.

As for aging the cloth, I used a test piece and found tea was best for the larger stains, but coffee gave a deeper color and…shape? Wornness? Older quality? (:thinking: I have no idea a good term to use there, :rofl:)…when “painted” inside the tea stains.

Oh, and also, I didn’t bother removing all the tea & coffee grounds either. Personally, I think they add to it.

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Freaking awesome!!! Love the whole display.