Vegan Cosmic Brownies

Hi all! I’m kicking off the new year with a major diet change (As recommended per my husband’s doctor, and I’m going along with it in solidarity): we are going mostly vegan! This will be a fun challenge as I love to cook and bake, so I will be trying lots of new recipes! Here are my vegan cosmic brownies, per the baking fairy on Pinterest


omgosh…they look so gooey and scrumptious…

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Welcome @Dianacmyk! Those look so good!

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Thanks! They were definitely fudgey and gooey and my husband was excited for brownies he could eat :joy:

@Dianacmyk high 5 for vegan! and 5 more for solidarity! it always helps when you’re both working towards the goal!


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They look great!

Great job! Good luck on your new food adventure.

They do look gooey! Were they good? Made with wheat flour or… ?
I just paid thirty bucks for a gluten-free vegan cake for my Viking’s bday this weekend, we are on a restricted diet to figure out food issues and it suuuuccckkks. That thing better be delicious.