Vegan or Vegetarian Valentine Treats?

Anybody know of a fabulous vegan or vegetarian Valentine dessert? My husband eats almost zero dairy, so it has to be dairy-free. Having said that, he does eat dark chocolate. Eggs are okay, I believe.

He requested a blueberry-filling vegan vanilla cake for his birthday and actually sent me a link for the recipe; it turned out pretty well. (Although it’s not iced as smoothly as I would have liked. He asked me to stop smoothing it, because he saw that I was scraping icing off of it in the process!)


Anyway, I’d like to surprise him with something homemade and yummy that won’t offend his eating habits. Anybody have ideas or suggestions for me? Thanks!


I’ve made both of these and there were no leftovers!
Vegan Peanut butter silk pie

And this vegan chocolate cake

Good luck!


Those look delicious! Thanks!

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one of my favorite cakes, even though I’m not vegetarian, is the Wacky Cake. Made with oil and vinegar, no eggs, no milk. RIch and moist every time!


I make these every year for Christmas for friends and neighbors. You just have to look for vegan/dairy free chocolate chips. Enjoy Life makes some and are pretty easy to find, and some of the more mainstream brands like Toll House and Nestle now either have a dairy free version, or have cut dairy out of their regular chips. The best part is you can really customize them to what flavors your recipient likes best. I’ve had great luck with cheap, plain old orange, rum, or peppermints extracts from the grocery store, and I’ve gone more gourmet and used high end bourbon from our liquor cabinet (with a little good vanilla), or more concentrated candy flavorings from the cake supply section at Joann’s, like champagne.

I left a box of these for new neighbors on our street, not knowing that the woman is gluten intollerant. Since the chips I used were free of the top 8 allergens, they were safe for her. She apparently brought them to her in-laws house, intending to share, but then she was surrounded by treats she couldn’t eat. So she kept the truffles secret in her room, and kept sneaking in to eat a few when everyone else was having dessert. :joy:


Thanks, @steiconi and @MistressJennie! More great options! These seem really easy, too, which is always a plus for my slacker self.


I was also going to suggest a depression (wacky) cake. It is vegan. I make a chocolate one quite a bit and it is really good, pretty dense.


Was going to make the truffles, but let it slip and DH nixed it. So… with a second vote for the wacky cake, I think I’ll try that one. Don’t plan to let it slip this time. (Hey, if he doesn’t want it, I’ll just have to eat it myself, right?)

I’ll do the truffles for BIL’s family for the holidays. And the peanut butter pie for my son’s housewarming, maybe.

Thanks so much for all the ideas, everyone!