Velvet clover dress

Hi all, first post since Craftster closed and LettuceCraft opened so greetings to all!!

Figured I’d use my covid isolation time to try and use up the stash of fabrics I’ve built up for making clothes :grin:

Today I finished making a snuggly stretch velvet dress, just right for the nippy Spring days we have at the mo here in the UK.

I used the Clover pattern from George and Ginger, but I love a nice hood, so instead of the collar that was on the dress I used the hood from the G+G Teen Spirit pattern!

My first time working with stretch velvet, I’ve used crushed velvet before which was an absolute pain in comparison, this was lovely to sew!

I do actually want to make a slight amendment as it currently has no pockets, so tomorrow I’m going to edit it to add some to the skirt side seams to make it perfect! :heart_eyes:

Clover dress pattern link (affiliate link)
And the velvet I got from relatively recently

Hope you like it! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


Cute! It looks great!

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Yesss!!! Pockets in dresses…not a really difficult addition, and so much more practical!

Thanks for sharing…can’t wait to see an update as well of your creations as you make more clothing for yourself!

Welcome back!

The poundfabrics link goes to 123 reg, the website builder site :joy::joy::joy:

Aaaah, thanks, that’s cos it’s, duh me!! Will amend :wink:

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Absolutely, I would add pockets to everything if only they didn’t look a little odd in leggings :wink: Can’t believe I didn’t think of it as I was making it, but an easy after-add!!

I have leggings with pockets…but they are not added to the side but at the front and captured by the waistband. They lay pretty flat even with a phone in them…

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That turned out great! I love the way the velvet plays between mostly purple but sometimes blue in color. Awesome!

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Looks good! I’d never have thought of adding a hood but it’s brilliant. And your sunglasses :purple_heart:

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Very cute!

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So cute and I’m not gonna lie I thought your hood was your hair (with blue tips) and I was going to commend you on matching your dress with your hair!
Either way it looks lovely and fits you perfectly, great job!!!


Absolutely love the hood, and I second the desire for pockets! Excellent work!


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Wow, what an amazing colour you chose for yourself. That looks awesome.

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Ohh, that is pretty! You look great in it too

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Well frankly now I kinda want to do that!! :wink: I have had purple hair before, obv blue hair, and purple, pink, blue highlights, but I like the idea of purple with blue tips!!


Lovely…it looks great on you :slight_smile:

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It’s soooo gorgeous!!!

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Aww thank you so much! :grinning:

gotta have pockets! and love the hood. great job!

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