Velvet Ribbon Bookmark with Garden Charms - A Gift for Mom

My mom is at an age and has had such a life that she has pretty much everything she needs or wants. I’ve bought her a few things, including a book that was on her short list - her list of one thing, this book. ANYWAY, I decided to make her a bookmark, too. I know she doesn’t already have too many bookmarks!

I had everything but the charms in my stash which infortunately didn’t include any appropriate charms. Gardening is probably her main hobby, so these which came together worked out great!

This year her oak trees went bonkers with their acorns - the most she’s seen in the 20+ years she’s been at her house, so the acorn helps make this specific to now, too!


Is it a garden book?

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I see what you did there! :rofl:
It’s not!


What a perfect gift!

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Very appropriate, and so fun with the dangling charms!

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Thanks, friends!

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Those are so sweet!


It’s very elegant. And I hope she likes the book too!

Thank you!

That is really pretty, love the colour of the ribbon with those brass findings and charms.

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