Vespa purse using one seam method

In my attempt to stop reading about other people’s miseries on Reddit, I’m watching many many quilting and cooking YouTube videos. I came across the one seam method for making a purse and had to give it a go.

The method works well, but either she didn’t say, or I didn’t hear that it isn’t suitable for a fabric that has a definite up and down, as the one piece that is the main body, will be upsidedown on one side. Consequently this was more that one seam (to be picky even without this, it’s two seams)

But it’s still a really nice and straightforward method and I would use it again.

I found a pair of really cool curtains in a thrift shop and the fabric was perfect for this. The lining is from other fabric pieces that I got in a creative reuse place, I added a pocket inside. And used two printed tapes back to back for the strap

This is the video I followed NEW 1 Seam Crossbody Bag ~One Seam Purse - YouTube


Very cute bag, and the fabrics and materials are wonderful!

I love this! All the fabrics you used go together so well. And that flamingo button!

Someone sent me those buttons and I adore them!

I’m so impressed with your fabric choices. They shouldn’t go together so well, but look amazing!!! This is so great and would be perfect to carry a few essentials for walking.

That fabric makes that cute little purse so jaunty and fun!

does one side of the strap have…WASPS??? how cool!
adorable purse.

I have been watching a lot of these videos as well and, like you, am very impressed with the ease of making them, but, I also don’t like it when they use a directional pattern and either the back or the front is going to be upside down!

I have purposely purchased non-directional designs for these videos or, made an other seam (easy enough to do).

Love your bag! So cute with those buttons!

I am into making all the crossbody bags…just tired of lugging my suitcase of a leather bag!

The outside fabric is all one, if that’s what you mean? I agree though, I would never have put them together, but the design really works.

@AIMR I hear you on the cross body, so much easier!

Yes!! I am so happy I thought of using two printed tapes back to back, it saved so much time and I got to use some of the super cute stuff. There are flamingos on the other side

OH yeah. I totally thought you pieced together that cool combination of fabrics. Even cooler that it came like that! It’s adorable!

That is so cute!! love it!!

What a fun bag!! So eclectic and cool!

This is so adorable!