Vic vances

I’m a sewing beginner I want too learn how too sewing so I can make design this Vic vances pastel suit ?. .


Sewing a suit is a pretty advanced project. What kinds of things have you made so far?

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None ?. .

I recommend starting with some simple projects first to get the feel of how things work. Do you have a sewing machine?

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My little sister I think had 1 for sewing class ?. .

Do you have access to it? If not, I’d suggest checking out a used sewing machine. Joann has had some pretty good sales on sewing machines too.

I’m sure you can find some basic sewing tutorials on YouTube. You might want to start with projects like tote bags, pillows etc. if you’re going to make a suit at some point, you’ll also have to learn how to do zippers, sleeves and buttonholes. And you can probably find a suit pattern in a style similar to the one you want, so designing your own pattern would probably be unnecessary. The trick, apart from learning how to follow a pattern, would be picking a suitable fabric in the color you want.


I think I do ?. .

That’s where I’d start! Good luck!

T y thank you ?. .

Great advice @Bunny1kenobi. I’d agree with starting with some smaller, easier projects to get the feel of it.


Ok ?. .

Yeah, as the others said above, a suit is not a good project to start learning to sew with. They are a very advanced sewing project. To give you some background, I have a Masters degree in costume design & technology. I’ve worked in professional and educational costume shops around the country. I’ve patterned, cut, and stitched innumerable difficult period pieces like corsets, gowns, and of course men’s ware like suits.

If I were asked to come up with this costume for a show, I would not bother to cut & stitch it myself. I would buy and alter a suit & shirt to fit the design. It’s just not time or cost effective to build this yourself. A suit, for a skilled stitcher, is easily a 40 hour project. For a beginning stitcher who doesn’t yet understand the ins and outs of sewing, it’s going to more like an 80-100 hours. Add to that the cost of the materials. People often think that it would be cheaper to make something than buy it, but with clothing, that’s just no longer the case. Figuring on buying the cheapest supplies, you will still need 5.5-6 yards of the outer fabric of the suit (at $15 per yard that’s $82-90), as well as 2.5-3 yards of lining (at $8 a yard that’s $20-24, and then interfacing and notions like thread, zippers, buttons, shoulder pads, which are built into a suit to give men a smooth appearance and fit (figure about another $25). That comes to $127-139 in supplies. Then you’d need to find those 80 hours of your time to make it happen. This all assumes that you make no mistakes in cutting, and don’t need to buy additional fabric to replace something cut wrong.

You would do much better to search for a pastel suit in your preferred color. There are tons of companies that sell mens suits online, in pastel colors. You can also check with a local tuxedo rental place. They will often also sell suits, both new, and previously rented. A 2 minute google search and I found a pink version for $130. I am certain you can find the white (or yellow?) color in your image with just a few more minutes worth of searching.


Ok ?. .