Viking Compass wall art

I found this SVG online and that is what it was called. I am into the whole viking thing right now after finding some anscestors while doing geanalogy. DH also has a LOT of viking/scandinavian on his side. I am pretty deep in the broom closet and prefer to be solitary so I won’t get to openly display it. It is probably going to wind up being a gift.


This is so neat! Do you know what any of the runes/symbols mean?


Very cool! Also, I second Whistlefish’s question. I’d love to know more about the meanings.

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This is what I found:


That is crazy cool!!

It’s very cool! About how big is the diameter?

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The circle is about 10 inches I think. I got it at Target of all places. In the dollar section. It is white on the other side. I am thinking of putting some innocent spring or summer themed thing on the white side and hanging it in the living room.


Why do I find this statement so freaking funny? :rofl:

Gotta be the word “innocent”…

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