Vintage Crossing Guard Ornament

I thrifted this cute kit and I finally made it! So adorable! I love her!!!

Her body is a specially-shaped piece of styrofoam. You just cut out the pieces for the dress and pin everything on. Easy but not too easy.

I don’t really get why only her backside is covered in sequins so I covered up the bottom and put an edging along the front with some more sequins from my stash. Otherwise her underside would just show white styrofoam which I don’t like. Also, she is supposed to be holding a stop sign but I had a little incident with the super glue… So maybe I’ll make a replacement at some point… :grimacing: Lmao

This is what the kit looked like if you’re interested:

I want more of these kits! I love pin/styrofoam kits!!!


So cute! I like the added shiny.

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So cute! I love vintage kits, but I have never seen one like this before. She’s so fancy!

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Wow! That thrift store of yours is quite the bizarre treasure trove, isn’t it? She’s amazing — in that quirky, kitschy way of hers. So glad you gave her the extra bling! Does the package say what year the kit was published? Deeply curious…


Nicely done! Those chenille type arms always creeped me out. One of my aunts was into making those and had a whole collection. They were always full of cobwebby dust. I particular hated the Christmas ones…I’ll look through pictures to see if I have any in the background…

You find the oddest things… lol!


@endymion it sure is! It’s one of my favorite places to be! It’s also super clean which you don’t always get at thrift stores. Most thrift stores throw away all the craft stuff but this place will keep even the smallest of embellishments and things.
The kit is from the late 70s! I did some research and they have a line of about 30+ dolls. Some are… Questionable. Lmao. I did put a bid on a few of them. :joy: I couldn’t help it!

@AIMR omg I actually LOVE the chenille arms! :rofl: I plan to make some 70s inspired dolls of my own with chenille arms! Maybe you think they’re creepy because they were dusty and now you just think they’re all creepy? You should totally share if you find any pictures!


This is so fantastic. I sure hope you find more kits to make!

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I lurrrrve her! So nostalgic for me! I made one of these when I was a kid in the late 70s or early 80s. She wasn’t an ornament and sat on a self in my bedroom until I traded out these kinds of things for Duran Duran posters! :rofl:


I dunno, she’s giving me some kind of '60s decor flashbacks…

My aunt used to decorate bars of soap with pins, beads, and sequins. She always started with a fancy oval bar of soap that smelled good (we never had soap like that at our house, just Dial), and completely cover the bar with pearls and crystals and sequins. She even did little legs at the bottom, so the bar could stand up on the back of the toilet.
I thought they were beautiful, but wouldn’t you stab yourself when you washed?

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@Abbeeroad I hope I find some too! I’m obsessed!!

@TheMistressT I think she doesn’t technically count as an ornament but I’m making her into one. Lol! My favorite ornaments growing up were these two vintage bendy angels with fluffy cotton-candy hair and I suppose that is what’s given me such a need for vintage ornaments.
Duran Duran! :heart_eyes:
Also I wish I coulda been at that time just for the fun historical nostalgia factor but in a few more years my teenage years will certainly feel way more nostalgic like my childhood… over been seeing teenagers wearing “Retro goth gear” lately and I’m just staring at them like “those are my clothes…” :flushed:

@steiconi that sounds like such a strange craft… But what do I know? Lol. I am assuming they were for decoration and not for washing as I’m sure you would indeed stab yourself. :thinking:I bet they were gorgeous, though. I’ve done my own pin ornaments before too but nothing beats those kits! :heart_eyes: They always seem to have the best little pieces that you can’t get anywhere anymore. You really can’t get any satin-covered styrofoam balls anywhere. They barely sell them online and they are a bit pricey. These kits online cost between $15-$50!!! I’m not really willing to pay that. :flushed:

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Yes, the soap was just for pretty and fragrant, but I didn’t understand that when I was little.

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That is the fanciest crossing guard I’ve ever seen! Seriously, why don’t today’s crossing guards put that much effort into sequined outfits, lol. She will be a fun addition to your Christmas tree!

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Oh my goodness, she is adorable and such a throwback! Glad you helped her come to life!

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@AudiobookLover lol I think Crossing Guard should totally dress just like this, sequins and all. Honestly I’m mad that we don’t make literally everything decorative even with the function like back before the industrial revolution. I want my radiator to be covered in flower designs, dangit!!!


Yes!! I call them pipe cleaner pals! I haven’t seen ones like this crossing guard that have styrofoam. I fully intended to make a few Halloween ones for the shop the swap this year, but it didn’t happen. Maybe next year!

Our school crossing guards just wear a reflective vest and carry a stop sign. Sometimes they aren’t out at the crosswalk on time and it irks me. Last year there were a couple of times that no one was there at all! The school got a call from me the second time. There are some extremely stupid people who either race to get their kids to school or drop their kid off then race to get to…I dunno, yoga or something. Boggles my mind.


Our crossing guards are the same. No cute copper-type ones. :cry: I don’t think anybody has that anymore. Lol.

I love the pipe cleaner pals. I want all the pipe cleaner pals!!!

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