Vintage Embroidered Flowers

When I was cleaning out some patterns I found these gorgeous floral patterns and knew they have to be stitched up.


These are precious. I adore that April Sweet Pea one especially.

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Beautiful! I love the sweet pea…such an homage to spring!

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So sweet!

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These have such a tranquil feel to them. I bet they were amazing to stitch. They turned out gorgeous!

Perfect spring stitching.

Lovely spring vibes!

Very sweet my friend!

So pretty! It brings to mind thoughts of my early 20th century farmer ancestors making something pretty for the house.

Beautiful! I love the wild roses. They remind me of my childhood- they grew all over the place where I grew up.

Thanks all! I am super pleased with them. I am stitching up May right now to switch out the monthly flower one.