Vintage embroidery

I absolutely love vintage linens and embroidery. I have collected a lot of stamped linens and finally decided to stitch them up. Here are a few.


Very cute designs!

Love that swimmer. The flowers for her suit are really neat.

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They’re both so cute, but I love that mermaid especially. Was it common to sell linens with embroidery patterns on them back in the day, or were they just stamped for decoration?

Love the swimmer!

That diving design is just the cutest!

LOVE these! Especially the guest towel!

Love that cute diver! Those goggles are just the most!

It was very common for linens to come stamped for embroidery or people also painted the designs with fabric paint that came in tubes (look up ballpoint paint)

I remember my mom having table cloths, pillowcases and tea towels like this.

Thanks all. It was very common. You could get them at drug stores back in the day or you could order them through the mail. I have some that are from Germany or Poland-I can’t remember.

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Thanks for the info! I’ve seen a few of them before, but not very often at all, so I didn’t know if people did it more back in the day or not.