Vintage finds category

What’s the right place for vintage finds? I just posted pics of my new-to-me sewing machine under fashion -> discussions and questions. Is that the right place? Is this is also the right place to discuss sewing machine issues / tips / tricks?

I also found some vintage embroidered handkerchiefs in the thrift store. Can I just post them in the textile category, of course making clear this is not my own work? I am a big fan of vintage craft items and I know I’m certainly not the only one here.


you are not.

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I am a huge fan of vintage crafts, especially embroidery patterns.

That is definitely the right place for it. Just make sure (I’m pretty sure you did) to include vintage in the title.

The hankies, you can post them in Discussion, and write, just what you did here-that they aren’t yours, you saved them at a vintage store. Patterns, unless they are public domain, shouldn’t be posted.

Last, just make sure that it is a vintage craft, if it is something else, you can put it in the off topic lounge.

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