Vintage Halloween cut & sew tote reinvented

@JoyfulClover and I decided to do a personal swap that required each of us to reinvent a vintage cut & sew panel. I went for a Halloween theme! Credit to JoyfulClover for the photos. My camera is limping towards the grave, so I borrowed her superior photos from the personal swap gallery.


Under the front flap:


Kitty pocket inside:

It was also hard for me to get a good shot. The black kitty absorbs all the light.

Original panel:


There are so many fantastic scrappy stitches on this lil tote! I love how you re-envisioned the plain tote. It made me wonder if anyone who made it originally saw it now, what would they think? Or the designer?

It was such a fun swap idea! I’m still working on yours, but it was easier to see what you did to confirm I was on the right track with mine.

But my Goodie Cat and Judith patch sure is a win!!!


So fun and cool! What a genius, off-the-wall swap, too.

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I think this would be a really fun organized swap. We could make it random and not worry about parntner wish lists. You sign up to get one off the wall piece and everything else is a surprise. :grinning:

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I like the different colors that you used… is that all from one panel? I’m not sure how those work. Do you just get a certain section of fabric that has all the elements?

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All the black and white printed items, the cats, and the “goodie cat” are from the original panel. Everything else is scrap from my stash. I originally planned to use more of the colored portion, but I completely mangled it. What you see here is plan B! :rofl:

Well then plan B turned out fab!

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This is really cool! So much scrappy goodness!

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Wow! What an amazing tote! So creative And fun!!!

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This is so fun and funky and different! Love your stitches.

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I love how scrappy your tote turned out! I know how much @JoyfulClover loves that. Awesome bag. I especially love where you used the text of the instructions.


:fire: This project is hot, hot, hot! And one of this week’s featured projects! Congrats! :fire:

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Awww! Thank you!

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