Vintage-inspired Ornaments

This year we have our first full-size Yule tree! We had literally 3 ornaments so I rushed into making some to make our tree less naked.

Growing up we had two angel ornaments from the seventies woth whispy hair. I loved them the most. I wanted something like that and I had a vintage unfinished ornament kit I had picked up thrifting. The kit unfortunately was missing multiple pieces and the instructions didn’t make any sense. But the head was really cute! I loved the whispy hair of the angels my parents have and the hair on the head was misbehaving so I cut it off and glued on yarn, then unwound it, brushed it out, and cut it to look like a weird whispy mess. Lol its on purpose. I wanted it to look like the others! I bought the fluffy pipecleaners a while back for this sort of project, so I made the body, wrapped it in a dress and a collar, and I attached some vintage angel wings I bought from the same thrift store! The gift was also part of the kit, along with the halo. I love her so much. She looks so sweet and she’s half-vintage!

A quick ornament stuffed with lace, the cap wrapped in sparkly furry string, and a flower glued on. Hung on more lace.

This one is a styrofoam ball wrapped in fabric. I topped it with a vintage doily, then wrapped ribbon around to secure.

I love those old pin ornaments so I like to try to mimic them as much as possible. I used some vintage lace flowers. :slight_smile:

And a diorama ornament. Obviously i’ve been stocking up for quite awhile on vintage-y items for ornaments.

Aaand a Patron-cork mushroom:

Thanks for looking!


Very fun ornament ideas! So unique! Your little Angel is especially adorable.

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You did a great job with your ornaments! They all look great, and I love how much personality that angel has!

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You are off to a great start with your handmade ornaments! They’re all so festive and fun!

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Love your take on vintage ornaments…they are all unique and fab!

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What a great selection!

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The angel’s cute little feet! They’re shaped perfectly. Cute ornaments!

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Thank you! I love my lil angel!!!

Thanks! I’m glad I got rid of the messed-up black hair. :smiley:

Thank you!

Thank you! I appreciate it! :smiley:

These bring back a lot of fond memories for me…Christmas was not Christmas unless certain ornaments were found and put on the tree!

I especially love your angel…that doll face was very popular in all sorts of crafts! You did a terrific job on these!


Thanks so much!! I’m glad they give the right feeling I’m trying to convey.


They are all so wonderful!

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what a great start! They’re all so precious!

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