Vintage Inspired Tea Towel

I stitched this tea towel for @jemimah in the OWS. It is an Aunt Martha pattern. I made another one and forgot to take a picture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love them so much!! Thank you @kittykill, they are so cute and beautifully stitched too. Iโ€™ll get a pic of the cherry one when the sun comes out :lemon: :cherry_blossom: :cherries:


Beautifully stitched and such a fun pattern for the kitchen!!! Canโ€™t wait to see the cherry one! Glad our packages finally made to youโ€ฆit is nerve-wracking but I feel better now that it might take a while, but it will get there! YAY!

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What a pretty pattern, and so beautifully stitched. The yellow is so summery looking!

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SO DANG CUTE! The colors are so cheery, too. Also, I think I would end up sassying the towel with โ€œYour mom is fresh lemons!โ€

So sweet!

Thanks all! Aunt Martha had a whole series of lemon themed patterns. I love how cheerful they are.

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Very pretty!

So very summery. It just feels fresh and happy. Beautiful stitch work.

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The sun came out (briefly), so I got a picture of the cherry one too! Look at @kittykillโ€™s beautiful stitching :cherries:


How fresh and happy!