Vintage linen owl pin

I made this pin for @jemimah for the IYP swap. All the linens were leftover scraps from a previous project. I think the blue pin is a vintage diaper pin. I have had it for so long that I don’t even know where it came from.


Love that vintage diaper pin! The fabrics you chose for this project are fun, and I love the stitching you added as well as the centerpiece owl, of course. Is the purple a vintage hankie, or did you add the edging yourself?

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It is from a vintage napkin set. I still have three more.


Cool! Such a fun detail.

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Creative use of vintage pieces. Love the mix of fabric, metal, embroidery…the pin is a conversation starter for sure!

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I really like this! You’ve a real knack for combining these elements!


Very cute! If it’s vintage, I’m immediately impressed! :smile:

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It’s so cute! the layering and stitching is just lovely - it looks even better in real life :owl: :sparkling_heart: