Vintage linen pincushions in tart tins

I got really lucky at yard sales this summer. I made a commitment to use my finds rather than hoarding them. These vintage napkins and doily were transformed into cheery little pincushions. The doily has a stain, but I’m confident that it will come out with Oxyclean.


Super cute! The doily is my favorite!

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Thanks. It’s my favorite, too. I wish I had thought about my doily stash before I got to my last tin.


so cute!

I just used oxyclean to de-stain a crocheted potholder/doily. Worked a charm, it went from icky to sweet.


How fun! Such a neat upcycle idea.

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These are adorable! I love the variety. Great resolution, also.

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These are so sweet and lovely. :purple_heart:

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These are just darling! What a great way to reuse older linens that may have condition issues. This even highlights the handiwork of the original maker in the case of the embroidered piece and the doily. LOVELY!

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