Vintage Look Ornaments with Cute Animals

I tried to make ornaments for the Ongoing Holiday Ornament Swap 2020 that fit themes that my partners would enjoy. Of course, for my partner and friend @RagingSloth, I had to do a sloth in her colors of pink, white, turquoise or gold…

She and her partner made some really cute beaded ornaments just like the kits I used when I was a kid! I had a fat quarter of some cute animals, including sloths, so I used that for a starting point and made a large hexie…it didn’t feel finished, so then it came to me to add some mini-hexies all around…it kinda reminded me of the COVID virus, perfect for 2020, but of course, friendlier…

After I got the hexies done, I beaded the whole thing and then added the felt backing…and then more beads and some blanket stitching all around…this was a relaxing project for me and I sure did enjoy it!

After I got done, I made another using the koala for another friend…


This is so great! I love the fabric you chose.

These are so cute! They look like snowflakes.

Charming, a sloth snowflake. Say that five times fast!

I love both of these! The sloth is my favorite :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They’re so pretty. I like the little sparkle of the beads. I love the colours too.

I love mine soooo much! The Koala is cute too! I just think the intricacy of the beads and stitching is really lovely. Oh and btw Sloths are actually native to Central America. :slight_smile: I originally thought they were from Australia a while back too because they’re kinda bizarre. Lol!

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You know…I knew that because we had sloths where I lived in Panama! I guess because my fabric piece contained koala, sloths and kangeroos , it just spoke Australia…I will change my title to cute creatures or something lol

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I never know what to do with hexies, this is a fabulous idea! Absolutely charming ornament, very dear indeed.

I love these so much!

too cute! i love the tiny stitched hangers too. so well done!