Vintage Photo Collection Book

My friend collects old photos of dogs and I got the idea to make a book for her to keep them in!


I covered black mat board with printed cardstock that seemed to go with the theme.


I included a vintage photo that I had picked up for her on the front page. I also included an envelope filled with self-adhesive photo corners, so she would have a safe way to mount the pics without damaging them.



TO keep with the old-fashioned photo book vibe, I used black cardstock for the pages.


I can’t wait to see how it looks with her collection added and as the collection grows!

I used a Bind-it-all machine for the binding.


What a great gift and so personalized. I’m sure it’ll be treasured just as much as the dog photos. :slight_smile:

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Such a clever and personalized gift- you consistently knock these projects out of the (dog) park. Another win!

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What a great gift! Love the photo you found to add to the collection. It was thoughtful of you to include the photo corners. And the inside front & back covers are really cool, also.

Thanks so much, y’all!

Wondering about how to wrap up that photo was what sparked the idea to make a book. :thinking: :rofl:


What a lovely gift, and such a fun idea for a collection!

That’s some amazing photo wrapping, there! Love it! So personal!

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Aw, thanks everyone!

Fantastic gift–so thoughtful. I bet she loved it!

Yes, I highly approve the corners. I was able to scan a bunch of very old photos from an old photo book before they made plastic pages, so it was very much like this. However all the photos had been taped down. It was a matter of carefully lifting them and putting them back with the photo corners. Sometimes there would be writing on the back. It was nice to be able to see that again.

Your book looks classy. I’m sure your friend will be very happy with it.

That’s such an interesting hobby/collection, by the way. I started collecting cat art recently and entirely not on purpose until it became a purpose. Shhh…


A really neat part of “found family” pics is the writing that is often on the back so I wanted to preserve that enjoyment.


That is both an awesome book, and an awesome collection!

Love this so hard! I know it will be filled with wonderful old photos of people and their pups!

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Thanks, everyone!

@kittykill If you haven’t already, take a peek at the back of that photo. It’s got their names on it!

I was looking through a bunch of old photos with my mum the other day and all that was written on one was “I guess you will know who this is!” We didn’t. :laughing:


Oopsie! :wink: