Vintage Santa Altered Tin

Three years ago, I found a bunch of delightfully creepy vintage Santas at a flea market. They had a whole bowl of them available, but I thought they were a little pricey at $5 apiece. Of course, now I wish I had taken them all. But, I picked out two of the best (worst?) ones to use in craft projects. One, I used immediately, and the other has been hanging around on my desk since. Until now. I finally realized that all he really needed was an Altoids tin.

His outfit probably used to be bright red, but it has really faded out through the years. I was glad I had some Christmas papers with muted colors.

I didn’t want to permanently attach him in any way, so I stuck a pin through the background paper and he’s just impaled there, much like the way you would display a bug. A little tart tin makes a great base for this piece.

I’m glad I finally gave him a home. He seems happier now. As for his buddy, he still enjoys ringing Christmas in every year on his sleigh.


I like the creepy Santas! They are cute.

OMG, they are creeptacular! Love what you’ve done with them.

I love your little Santa’s! I probably would be regretting not buying them all as well!

I really like how you matched your background and theme with the vintage look of that Santa…yep…you certainly do have a collection of some pretty creepy Santas…I remember you received quite a few in swaps…

Thank goodness you are giving them new life and a new home!

Your Santas have found the perfect homes!

Ha, love that XD but yes, sometimes the creepy things are what we are attracted to. I like how you use them, they are quite nice even if they are creepy :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it all, creepiness especially, and those muted Christmas colors look fab with him. But this part made me snort.

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Creepy but not too creepy, creepy-cute or so.
You’ve made him the best home. Love it!

What fab finds…I love what you did with your creepy santas. Your embellishments definitely toned down the creepy factor…now they’re endearing :smiley:

I adore your vintage tin with the muted papers and Santa in brown. That sleigh is perfect for Santa’s travels.

OMG so jealous of your Santas! Great projects!

Wow! These are brilliant! I, too, am regretting that you didn’t get more of those Santas, because I want to see what else you’d have come up with. The Faded Altoid Santa reminds me that many years ago a couple friends of mine went as “Hard Times Santa and Mrs. Clause” for Halloween. Good times.


Bizarre and weird. Spectacular for sure! One day someone will see your creation and wonder how they were cherished. Leave the mystery!