Vintage Santa Globe Assemblage

Just a couple weeks before Christmas I realized that I had all the materials to make this project, but none of the time to do it before the holiday. I was hoping to make it my last finish of 2022, but instead it was my first finished WIP of 2023!

All the parts of this were picked up at vintage shows, thrift stores, and garage sales over the last few years except the bottle brush tree, wired leaves on the bell, and the Snotex which came from craft stores.

I drilled small holes in the globe and used existing holes in Santa and the deer to use wire and glue to attach them. Then added Snotex under them which I topped with glass glitter.



Snotex again for the base, then glued on the the embellishments and topped with more glass glitter.


I had picked up the globe a few years ago for an interior decorating project I changed my mind about and when I dug it out to do this I noticed that all the writing is in an Asian language. I don’t know if I ever noticed this before!

While cleaning the globe, I accidently dropped it. It didn’t effect the look, but there is a “soft spot” where the plastic under the paper map shattered. To reinforce it, I collaged on some glassine snowflakes that I cut from dies and this vintage, holiday postage stamp.


I may add some things if I find just the right bits in the future, but over all I’m pleased with the result and I think next year it will fit nicely among the Santas that sit on the piano in December.


this is a ridiculously cute collection. Love that globe, great idea!

What a cool idea! Hubster was a geography major, loves globes. It is especially cool with the kanji!


I love this so much!!! A very cool addition to your Santa collection. Never used Snowtex before, but it seems perfect for this project. The deer and Santa and all the little embellishments are so wonderfully retro!

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This is great! I really like the band-aid decoration, even without the reason it’s there! :wink:

Thanks, everyone!

This is adorable! I love the inspiration! And I also think you rocked the bdd as bandaid!

I love this!

I mostly love your story behind why and how you made this…that globe is a find…and for you to reinvent it to something that fits with your other Santas…just all sorts of fun and joy in this piece!

Awww, thanks!

Thanks! I am racking my brain and can’t figure out what “bdd” is, though! :thinking: :grinning:

It is a find, isn’t it? Any kind of globe can be pretty costly, but this was only $6. I dug around on the internet for a good while trying to find any info about it with all kinds of search terms, including the name on the label which is “Kent” and never came up with anything. And of course, I can’t even read the country names that might at least hint at when it was made! I could have gone further, of course, but I feel I did due diligence before altering it.

I absolutely adore this. The pieces all have the same vintage style and work perfectly together. Its so cute to see Santa on top of the World, where he will be travelling, too.

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How cute is that?!

This is so cute!

I love it! It’s such a great piece. I enjoy vintage and it’s just so cute. I like the Chinese (?) On there. It’s super cool. You did a great job with this!

Gosh, thanks so much, y’all!

It’s a typo. But for funsies let’s just say I was trying to type “baddass”. Yes, spelled just like that.


You are the best at combining vintage objects in such fun ways! You have such a talent for looking at an object and coming up with creative ways to combine them that aren’t tacky :slight_smile: I love that you were able to build it mostly from stash, too.

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Bahahahahaaaa! I just assumed it was the hip lingo that I didn’t know about, because that happens often!

OMG, you are so sweet! That is just really such a nice thing to say.

It was all stash! Just some of the stash originated at the craft store is all. :wink:

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:sparkles: :earth_africa: :christmas_tree: Congratulations! Your charming Vintage Santa Globe Assemblage is a Featured Project! :christmas_tree: :earth_americas: :sparkles:

Oh, wow! THANK YOU!!!

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