Vintage Toaster Cover

I thought for sure I had posted this but I guess not. I love vintage patterns and design. I think toaster covers are so silly and cute. I stitched this one up for our toaster. It is a little short, but that’s okay! It makes me happy.


This really is the cutest thing ever! I had no idea toaster covers were a thing. It makes me want to go buy a toaster to make a cover for it!

Love this! I made my parents a far-less-elegant toaster bag years ago (don’t ask), but I think it may be time for an upgrade.

So cute! Very vintage feel and the lettering is perfect! You could add a vintage print around the bottom easily enough if you wanted it longer…

I remember making a cover for my mom back in the day…I think covers for appliances are coming back…my sister made one for her mixer and I am making one for my blender…cozies for all the small appliances!

Love this!! We are moving soon and my biggest desire is a vintage kitchen! Totally feel like this is needed! Great work!


Beautiful! And very YOU. :blush:

This is so cute! I love it!!

So cute, almost needs a gingham ruffle around the bottom. I like the classic designs too.

I think it’s the perfect length, it’s a toaster cover, not a toaster dust ruffle

Or little red pom poms!


Utterly sweet and adorable! It makes me wish we had the counter space for appliances so I could cover them in incorrectly labeled cozies! “Blender, my butt! That’s a Cuisinart!”

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So very, very YOU. :heart:

Yes, red pompoms, I have the perfect ones somewhere in my stock. :grin:

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I think it’s great as it is, love the strawberries.

Thanks all! Every time I go into the kitchen and see it, I smile.

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