Visit Your Neighborhood Apothecary! - Halloween Decor Entry 2023

Our church Trunk or Treat is always a blast and this year I spent hours in the woods gathering herbs and in the kitchen brewing up potions or writing down spells.

The biggest hit was the Sip N’ Nip potion bottles. They chose a potion from the list and I handed them this odd bottle. Most of the kids had never seen such a strange candy as a wax bottle with something colored inside. The parents were pretty savvy for the most part. I also had regular candy and a bowl of little creepy non-candy spiders, skeletons, rats, etc. Yum.

The bottles were from around the house and some finds at Goodwill with printed labels. My jars of dried basil and oregano now sport creepy labels :slight_smile: . I used a glue gun to label a few old books and then covered with tissue paper. Since I used dark red and blue paper, I didn’t really have to do much else except rub some gold stamp pad ink over the raised letters. The large sign was hand painted and the small one was a quick printout and some foam core.

And it was all fun as usual.


This is AWESOME!!! Love all the details and the Sip N’ Nip potion bottles are such a clever idea!!

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Looks fabulous! You really put care and attention into each aspect- nicely done!

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Your trunks are LEGEND.

I love it!

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Oh, wow! I see you even have Polyjuice, Floo Powder, and Gillyweed; Professors Snape and Slughorn would be so pleased (as long as you didn’t nick anything from their supply cabinet!)

What an epic Trunk or Treat experience!


The invisibility cloak helped me liberate a few rare items from “not to be mentioned” professor’s cupboards. Don’t turn me in!

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Glorious! :smile:

Just the right amount of spooky with so much fun!

Added the witchy shop owner to the original post.

That is a super cool trunk-or-treat display! I would have adored that as a kid and an adult!

That is an insane amount of detail! I’m sure everyone who came by was absolutely blown away and thrilled to look at everything. Wonderfully done!