Vote Door Sign

I made this “VOTE” door pennant today as my Netflix and craft project, using only what I had on hand. Made with felt, ric rac, sequins, scrap ribbon and hot glue. I used the plastic cover from an old notebook on the back to give it stability.

The white letters were my first attempt to cut felt with the Cricut, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it to cut well despite trying multiple methods. So for the red letters, I just cut around the white ones. I should have used a thicker felt for the white though, because some of the hot glue spots show through a bit.


Great project! I was just researching how to cut felt using a machine. Some YouTube channels were saying the type of felt you use is really important and will affect your results. They were suggesting using a wool/rayon blend.

Your letters look very nice! And I love that you are encouraging voting.

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Lovely reminder. Very clear and classy!

Very nice! What a wonderful way to remind everyone.

Very nice reminder! It definitely has a vintage/suffragist vibe which is super charming. And now you have me thinking about this r/w/b trim I picked up in a jar of notions at a thrift store last year…