Votive holder to plant hanger

I’ve had this votive wall decor forever and never light candles in it, so I did a quick little project by painting the candle holders (they were clear) and hot gluing in some fake plants. Used some scrap fabric on the inside along with the hot glue to help them stay balanced.


That looks great!

That is such a clever solution.

I love the variation of plants you choose. What a great idea to use something for an unintended purpose!

What a good idea! I like the pop of color it adds to the wall!

Cute idea and I bet it brightens the room.

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It looks great! What a wonderful upcycle.

How cute!
I know they’re fake plants but now in my mind I’m picturing some vining plants in there. :heart_eyes: (I may have a bit of a vining/draping plant obsession :laughing:)

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Soooo much cuter than a candle holder IMO. You did a fabulous job!

I like how you used similar plants for the four corners and a different one for the center. I will never look at votive holders the same way again. Potential plants!