Votive/Tealight Lantern Dioramas for Christmas & Winter

I got another couple of Bottle Brush Beauties put together for Christmas in July!

I had picked up these laterns (and 2 more) at the thrift store probably 5-6 years ago with this in mind and had even set aside some items for inside during the intervening years, but it was not until the last couple of days that I finally got my act together to put them all together.

I made air dry clay stands for the trees and figurines to be glued to, then topped them with Snow-tex. And, yeah… there’s a dusting of glitter on there, because of course there is! I used printed cardstock to cover the bases that held the tealights/votives.

There’s a bow added to the top and some black felt on the bottom.


Adorable! I really like those extra touches.

I love these kinds of lanterns and what you’ve done with them is soooo cute!!

I’m a fool for bottle brush trees! These are fantastic. I started getting Christmas fever this week. :christmas_tree:

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Thanks, everyone!


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What a fun way to start getting in the mood for Christmas. I need some Christmas cheer right now.

Thank you!