W..I.P...:Servingplate in resin - now complete!

Hello I’m experimenting with Resin and am making a serveplate with a drawing a friend of mine made and I pimped it up with the photoapps snapseed and photoeditor. Further I started it yesterday or even the day before but it takes a long time to dry…Also in the meantime I am making an Ashtray for a friend who loves Ireland and chess…So I took a picture from Moher cliffs cos hé told me hé loved it there very much and I will make a pawn of the king and put it in the ashtree…I will put more pictures on the lettuce forum when finished…


So pretty! I never would have thought about using netting like that to set over a project. That’s genius!


Yeah…I just learned it by watching youtube tutorials…
Worst is the waiting…but on the other hand then it becomes more a comunication between the crafster and the material

Wow, you are taking your photos to another level. Very cool. Also impressed by the netting idea!

I’ve got 5 cats and it wouldn",t be nice to have hair in my work…


I have five cats, too. I could use a net to get ready in the mornings. Ha!
The plate looks really neat!

Thank you very much…must say there are some begiinnersmistakes I think we all must have to go through
…but I Think that is rather normal…I have to pull some things straight to a ashtray I’m making for a friend…but that’s how we learn by making mistakes…Thanks anyhow

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I finished the servingplate I made of a photo of a painting of a friend Luc Dhuyvetter…I experimented filling up the mold which I found online…I used snapseed app to pimp it up…and for the frame I used Frame photo editor…further it seems that I made a few beginners mistakes but I have to admit that is isn’t that easy as you see in the online tutorials especialy cos the backside for you is ment as the frontsite for the vieuwer …so it is kind of work in the oposite direction…hope you like it any way…

S.V.d V and Luc Dhuyvetter. 02 / 2024


Very cool! I like the colors!

Thanks very much…

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So festive!
And it looks like you put a lot of work into it.

Thanks…yep. took some time yes.

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Hi @Stefanie - I combined your WIP post with the completed plate so folks could easily see your progression.

It came out really cool! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I like seeing the progress photos and reading about your process. This is such a neat way to showcase his painting!

There’s such a lot of work and thought in this! So cool to see the process too!