Walruses, monsters, and maps, oh my!

Here are some more ATCs I’ve made recently!

I have to say, of the ones I’ve made this month, I’m particularly proud of how this “rainbow space walrus” one came out. The prompt was from Botober, a selection of silly bot-generated art prompts, and I made this goofy fellow for bluebird:

Another Botober one is this “opossumsaurus”:

Next up are a couple of monsters I made based on the totally wonderful Message Monsters US Forever stamps:

Here’s a concept map of Universal Studios Japan, a place I really miss! I haven’t actually been to the Nintendo World part of it yet, as that opened after I left the country at the end of 2019. And now I hear they’re going to do a collaboration with Pokémon?! Definitely have to visit that at some point!

And now I have to get back to making some more! :slight_smile:


I think we ALL need some rainbow space-walrus in our lives!


These are fabulous! The rainbow space walrus is my favorite, too. His whiskers are awesome! The monsters are a lot of fun, as well.


These are so fun. I especially like the first 2!


Oh my goodness. The idea of recreating the creatures from the stamps is genius! I love it so much. They are so cute. I really hope they make more of those stamps, weren’t they the neatest? Then you can get even more inspiration.
That walrus is absolutely amazing. I love all the techniques you used, from the line drawing, to the rainbow coloring, to the night sky, to the white whiskers. It’s fantastic.
The opossumasaurus looks fierce and my favorite part of the map is the Jaws shark!


I love the sorting hat and the skeleton from that one. I just looked at the octopus one again and noticed he’s enjoying a cup of coffee!

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I have to show your opossumasaurus to a friend of mine who is somewhat obsessed with opossums, I anticipate a joyful “squeee!”

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