Wand handle

Hi all. I am new here so hope I am asking in correct place. I am making a wand and more stuff Potter set for a friend’s bday and I need help doing the handle.

What I want to achieve is the “planet” part. I was wondering using a marble and fimo, but no idea about how to make the ring and marble union so it won’t break or get apart easily. Any help is very welcome, and sorry for my english.


Welcome to LettuceCraft!

You definitely want something stronger than fimo for the cage.
You could use wire, then cover it with fimo. Use heavy wire, or twist together several strands of fine wire. If you twist evenly, maybe you wont want the fimo to cover it!

They make half round metal strips for bracelets. You could use that, or repurpose an existing bracelet.

Instead of a marble, it might be nice to use a gemstone or glass sphere. ebay would have them, and I got some cool glass ones with clouds inside on AliExpress. Shipping time can be an issue if youre in a hurry.

Or a really big bead. Those knobs at the cage join could be wires that go through the bead. It could even spin!


Those are for sure good points. Beads and knobs have already a hole to put the wire through and join it with the ring part. What worries me about using a wire from one part to other of the sphere is that it can hurt in a finger cause I don’t know how do it so the parts won’t sepparate but it’s rounded in both parts so you can cut yourself with shape wire, if I am explaining miself.

Thanks so much for the welcome and the ideas. Hope you can give me more to avoid what I said. My elocuence in english is… ^^U


I think watching some jewelry making videos, especially wire wrapping would help you figure it out. If you show us drawings or examples of whatever you try, we can give more suggestions.

Welcome! Your english is fine. I hope you’ll come back.

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Welcome, to Lettuce Craft. I’m afraid I don’t have any helpful suggestions, but I hope you’ll post what you make. And your English is perfectly fine!


Of course I’ll do! And thanks, it’s very kind of you! ^^


There are small versions of the Time Turner from HP, that are made into things like pendants and earrings, that you can pick up on eBay. I’d start with one of the earring size ones, and just replace the hour glass with a marble.


Good idea too! I’ll check it as well, thanks!