Wand making fun!

I had a wild hair and decided to make my 6 kids each a wand for Halloween. I am a little bit obsessed now and can’t stop making them. To the point my entire family is making fun of me :laughing:

I am looking for suggestions on fun little things I can top them with. I’ve been using glass marbles but can’t find many really cool ones.


Wow, those are fantastic! Are they paper clay? I’d look for giant gems to top them with. Great job!



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Not that fancy haha. They are a wooden dowel sanded to a point and hot glue!


Those are so cool! I love seeing homemade wands.

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Your wands look fabulous!
How about gemstone or dichroic glass cabochons for tops?
I can’t tell from your pics if you’re using regular glass marbles. If so, it might be fun to make some crackled marbles to switch things up :slight_smile:

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Great ideas, thanks! I love the idea of dichroic glass and crackled marbles!

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Beautiful wands!

For my kiddo’s wand, we topped it with a “crystal.” It was actually a clear glue stick cut with an Exacto knife and dyed with alcohol ink. We got the idea from this blogpost.



Wow! These are great!!!

What a fun “obsession”! I suppose it says something about me, that I immediately thought of a glass eye for the top. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Great job incorporating the names into the wands!