Want to make a chandelier but what style

I have a large collection of tiny glass jars/vials from my daughter’s medication and think they would make a perfect light fixture if done well. There are about 40 of the larger jars and at least 120+ of the tiny ones (my daughter uses a vial a day so they build up pretty quickly). They both have stopper lids with no screwing. Larger jars than these are easy for me to get hold of also.

I want to make a chandelier with them but I need some ideas if anyone is willing to help. My husband is a sparky so wiring it up is not an issue, just unsure of a design. I like soft, romantic style with lots of sparkle, most likely will add crystal gems or beading to add extra sparkle, maybe vines or flowers too if it doesn’t look tacky. It will be going outside on our large semi enclosed patio so size is not really much of an issue.
I’ve looked up chandeliers made from bottles and just get lots of barnyard rustic ones with mason jars, or abstract hipster café pieces - not quite the style I’m after.

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Probably you need to start with some kind of framework. An old chandelier would work, but I’ve seen tomato cages, wire plant pots, and other odd stuff used. you could probably even make one from hangers.

Do you want lights in each bottle? I would use tiny fairy string lights poked through a hole in each stopper…

If some bottles don’t have lights, wire could be wrapped around the neck opr poked through the stopper to hang them. I see them festooned like crystals; you’d need a flexible wire for that, maybe use plastic-coated multistrand jewelry stringing wire. Chain would be nice, too.

if you wanted to incorporate silk leaves and flowers, maybe decorate the frame, add the silk florals, then spray paint it all a single color. White, black, or metallic are classic, but something like turquoise or bright yellow would be spectacular. THEN add the bottles and lights.

Please post pix!

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