War baby. 12_01/'24

I made WAR BABY with a picture of myself and different apps

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Interesting! I like that you used a photo of yourself.

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Your images are (obviously purposefully!) uncomfortable to view. It’s been challenging to pinpoint my honest reaction. Can you tell us more about your creative process and what you hope to communicate through your work?

This is a place for craftspeople and hobbyists to chat about the day-to-day experience of making things (rather than a gallery show, for example, where the whole idea might be to make an impact or social statement.) So… Can you speak more about the details of your creative process? (What apps you use, how specifically you use the apps to manipulate the photos, what specific events inspire your work, etc?)


I agree with @endymion . I’d love to hear more about this. What was your intent, what app did you use? Interesting piece.


Such an interesting piece. How big is it?

I think the work stands for itself and is open for interpreetation of the viewer…Further I play with different photoapps…and other mediums will follow later…Further I’m allready busy with other picture…
So it’s only a picture…but from the heart with the knowledge and the skills I have…But I like to read people find this disturbing…I know it’s hard to face WWIII never ended and that we are rolling day by day into the IiI…So I’m glad myv pictures have thatveffect on people…further no intend…I believe being born in the art world that a work doesn’t need explanation from the artist but is open for interpretation and the work is over once it’s made…thennit only becomes a memory but for the viewer it’s always something new.

At this moment it is only digital …so on my tablets and smartphone but I will use this pictire later to makeca different artwork