Warm cozy lap quilt...for me!

I made a lap quilt for my DW last winter, but never finished mine. It’s now almost January and cold. And I embroidered 2021 on the back (it helps to remember when I made the silly thing).

So all done! I wanted more length to keep my toes comfy, hence the added dark bands top and bottom. They blend in better than I had expected. I am very happy with how it turned out.

And in the sun.


That’s gorgeous and the colors you’ve picked are so soothing. Hope it keeps you warm for years to come!

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It’s lovely! And I love that you made something for yourself - it’s so easy to get in the habit of crafting for others but not ourselves.


Wow! This is so gorgeous and way to treat yourself!

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Totally gorgeous.

I just love the colorway on this… just like a winter as viewed out our windows.

Beautiful! The bands at the top and bottom add to the design, IMO.

So very beautiful, and I’m sure it’s very cozy.

Thank you all, even Felix approves.