Warm crocheted hat

I had to take a break from embroidery, so I picked up a quick crochet project. I had a new skein of super Chucky that I decided to turn into a hat

After perusing patterns, I found this hat pattern (link at bottom) that said it could be made in 30 minutes, so I stepped up to the challenge. I don’t consider myself anything more than an average hooker, but this was an easy pattern. I really like how it worked the ribbing, which has always been an issue for my beginner brain when making a beanie.

The big question though… How long did it take me to make it? About an hour with the usual momma interruptions from husband, 2 kids and our 4 fur children, but with practice, I would be much faster at it. Don’t know if I could make it in 30 though .


Cute! It does look nice and warm!

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Looks so warm and cozy! I don’t know that even an advanced hooker could make one in 30 minutes or under, but you never know. I may be up for that challenge because I have a skein of super chunky in my stash!


Looking just right for cozy season which is nigh!

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I’ve been hit with hourly notifications on my phone of our impending freeze warning tonight. The Weather Channel is acting like it’s going to be a meteorological catastrophe. OY! Enough already…

And I might just wear my hat out tomorrow when I take my DD to school in the freezing temperatures to appease the weather gods. :laughing:


Very cute. I love the texture you got with the chunky yarn.

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Very cool! Maybe some day I’ll learn to crochet….

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I taught myself from a Crochet for Dummies book. :laughing:

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Ah! I may have to look that up!

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I taught myself from an “I Taught Myself Crochet!” book from Joann back in 2009. Now there are lots of videos to learn from, too. I love crochet!

Your hat is super cute. I almost want to see how fast I can make one now. Everyone says I crochet fast, but 30 minutes for a chunky hat seems a little crazy even to me. :crazy_face:

Editing to add… I worked it up. It took me 34 minutes, 56 seconds from start to finish for the adult size. I did not add a pom pom. I will make a post for my hat tomorrow when I can get better pictures.


I was going to ask whether the 30 minutes included the pom pom. Turned out very cute!

Nope, didn’t include the pom pom.

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Girl, I immediately thought of you when I saw this project!
Nice job on the speedy crochet :slightly_smiling_face:

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This looks so warm and cozy.


:sparkler: :partying_face: Congratulations, this is a featured project for this week. :partying_face: :sparkler: