Washi Tape Everything!

I had a basket full of washi tape that I wasn’t really using besides for decorating cards, borders for other ATCs etc., and I wondered what to do with them.

An idea came to me when I wondered if washi tape would make a good scenery piece all by itself. I figured that this was the perfect thing to try first!

This idea came to life when I made an ATC for @saintcady in the Happy Mail Craftalong.

Behold a scenery piece made entirely of washi tape!

(Don’t mind how the picture turned out)

The next thing I tried was something a little different. A piece of happy mail for saintcady’s son.

After that one, I moved on from scenery pieces to types of rainbows I could make. The first few ATCs have washi tape that I so graciously used (took) from my mom.

“Panda Rainbow”

“Hearts of a Penguin”

“Rainbow Penguin”

“Axolotol’s Daydream”

Eventually, I bought more washi tape and no longer had to use my mom’s for some of the colors.

“Rainbow Butterfly Picture”

“Plants Ahoy”

After a while the rainbows stopped and new things arose. Like, maybe, a cat or panda bears?

“Night Kitten”

“Life is an Adventure”

“The Pandas are Watching”


I like using my washi tape this different way than what I was doing before, even if it takes longer to create, because the final product always looks better than when I start.


Max and I love our washi ATCs! Mine lives in my office, Max’s has disappeared into his cave bedroom. :wink:

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I’m glad. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Frantically looking for her washi tape…

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Stops, steals “Panda Rainbow” for her collection.

continues the frantic search…

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I like the idea of using leftover bits of washi tape as sort of a “masterboard” background! The rainbow ones are really fun!

Sure sparked a lot of ideas that you rocked!

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Way to think out of the washi box!

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Night Kitten is phenomenal! I love it. They are all fun and I like that you are having fun with a new technique!