Watercolor Atcs

The atc swap is so much fun and boy has it been hopping! I’ve made 16 claims myself!

4 have been received. I was on a watercolor journey, specifically a tube watercolor journey. (I got some expensive to try for Christmas. I love them, and already can tell I’ll need to splurge.)

Misheard Song Lyrics
“Red Solo Cup”

Loose “Map”
Sing, “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go”

Medieval Manuscript Illuminated "L"for a fellow Laura

And, @endymion I’m borrowing your pic.

Not watercolor, but for window/door, it is a stamp of a hand-carving I’d literally just finished. I didn’t photograph it.



These are all wonderful and I love my “window” one. 16 claims; wow! That swap is really on fire.

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These are very cool! I love how you’ve used the same medium to such different effects on each!

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