Watercolor coloring meditation

I got these tags in an STS on the old site, and spent a couple weeks this summer playing with watercolors, which was super relaxing. (It would have been better with watercolor paper instead of cardstock, but this was what I had.)

Then I ran out of cards, so I tried the last couple books of tiny “stained glass” coloring sheets left over from wedding favors-- also kind of fun (and possibly a better size of design for the brush I was using) but still not watercolor paper…

Does anyone know if coloring tags on watercolor paper exist? So far I haven’t even been able to find more of the cardstock sort. All the watercolor things labeled coloring seem to be either much bigger, with sketch lines instead of borders, or both.


Those are beautiful!

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these are gorgeous. I wonder if you could just find some line drawings online and print them onto watercolour paper, in tag shapes?


I’ve been thinking about this, but haven’t gotten as far as checking the waterfastness of my inkjet…

Wow! These look amazing! You really managed to add quite a bit of depth, to the point that some of the images look embossed. I really like the addition of the gold accents!

I was thinking along these same lines. I once printed some images onto watercolor paper and made some watercolored ATCs. I don’t remember anything about the waterfastness of the ink from my printer, but I do know that it didn’t affect the final outcome. You can also press the image with a hot iron after you print. This may help prevent the ink from running.

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Very pretty. The gold accents really set these off and make them look very lush.

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