Watercolor Houses

I’ve always admired watercolor art and have never been particularly good at it, so I wanted to challenge myself to make some artwork and practice. I also love little houses and decided to combine the two. I found the houses that were the inspiration for these on randomstreetview.com which will take you to a random view from across the globe that Google captured with their cars. Although I know I still need to work on the looser flowier look with watercolor, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out! I ended up using the photos for reference, then added the color and greenery as I desired, so the photos were only an inspiration.

Inspired by a house in Hvidovre, Denmark

Inspired by a house in Jurbise, Belgium

Another one inspired by a house on the same road in Jurbise, Belgium

I think I’ll keep doing them because they’re fun and good practice and possibly making them larger than 4x6 for the next set. If anything, it’s fun looking for inspiration online!


These are great! Are you planning to paint your own house?


They look awesome! You have done a great job painting those houses!


I hadn’t thought of that! Honestly, my house is pretty boring in comparison to some of these. :slight_smile: Maybe that could be next on my list, though!


These houses are lovely! Your shading and texture are brilliant!

These are wonderful! The textures are wonderful. The little details are great.

I love these so much! I also love little houses and these are just such charming representations of them.

These are such interesting subjects beautifully rendered.

I love the shadows you achieved on the 3rd pavement and the 1&2 brickwork. And so charming!

These are so cool!! Well done!

What a great idea! Perfect inspiration for practice, and you’re kicking butt at it, too!